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48 hours
48 hours

Walking the dog, I saw a shaggy ink cap emerging her beautiful cylindric body out of the fallen leaves a few yards next to the path in the park. Immediately I wandered what kind of pictures I could make during the remaining process.

So, I started first by making some abstract pictures and later that afternoon some overviews. Because I wanted to isolate the toadstool entirely from the background and to create a bright ambiance, I placed a large sheet of white paper behind the ink cap. I used a smaller paper for reflecting the light and another one to blur the foreground. I over exposed to make everything as white as possible.

After 24 hours I went back, what was very easy because it was only 100 yards form my home. The ink cap now was very nice bell-shaped and the rim was dripping all over with small droplets of ink. Of course, I made some shots of this new shape, again using the white paper in the background and for reflection. But most of the time I tried to capture the falling ink drops. It was very hard because they fall either too sudden for me or too fast for the shutter speed, showing only a small stripe. Still I had a lot of fun, despite of “fighting of” the dogs (especially my own).

And then, again 24 hours later (48 hours from the first siting) I was flabbergasted! No more ink cap standing tall … but laying broken on the ground. What had happened?? Very sad that the story I wanted to tell stopped a day or two sooner then I hoped for. No inking up to the very last end but crushed and dissolving in to fine shreds in a small pool of ink. To make the best of it, I carefully laid her down on a white sheet of paper to show that there is still grandeur in a hopeless situation.


      who done it
      it’s a scandal
      who’s that vandal
      that kicked her down
      what a clown!
      it makes me furious
      that I can’t follow up
      it makes me curious
      what made me stop
      was it someone’s ferocious walk
      or was is just my bumbling dog



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