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This month a picture that fits the mood of the month: dark but with a golden rim.
The last week of November I withdrew myself for a midweek on the islands of Zeeland. On my way, riding on the N57 at Goedereede, I saw a row of sparse trees standing in an empty polder, sharply silhoutted againts the golden glow of the setting sun under a threatening, darkening sky. At the first opportunity I turned the car and drove back to find a spot with an interesting foreground to capture this spectacle. Finally I stopped on a small, muddy country road at a spot where the trees were favorable in line to the sun. The view changed continuously by the racing clouds. In the foreground was a field where recently the beets were harvested: swampy clay with a lot of puddles. I underexposed the picture to avoid too much overexposure of the sun and on the other hand because I thought the foreground was too messy. The pools now reflect just enough light to still make it interesting for me.

ISO 200, 1/3200 @ f13, -2,0LW 80-400G @ 102mm, on tripod

ISO 200, 1/3200 @ f13, -2,0LW
80-400G @ 102mm, on tripod


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