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sideways: portraits of nature
sideways: portraits of nature

Maybe I see things sideways. Often it is difficult for me to translate a situation into a picture until I turn my camera sideways. Then suddenly there it is; the image that fits my inner feeling. This creates a lot of “standing pictures”: portraits of nature.

A few years ago, when I had the idea for my website, I had to create a domain name. The first that came into my mind was “portraits of nature”. But yeah, that name was already taken … and of course you want one to be distinctive so my mind wandered on. In retrospect, I’m actually still happy about it because “naRture” fits better .

But still these “portraits” pop up although social media like Facebook and Instagram have so much effort to show them right. But that does not stop me because when a portrait is needed to express myself … then it has to be done.

Last months I have collected a few images I want to share with you in this blog. On Facebook I start a special album for posting regularly a new portrait.
Early April: the russet leaves of Pondweed forms a contrast with the dark water.
Late April: a freshly emerged damselfly is curing in the hot sun.
Mid-May: a Cow Parsley in full bloom seen from frog perspective
Same day: Cow Parsley you never see alone and those leaves are so beautiful!
A day later: forget me not!
Moments later: a fly a rest between the buttercups
And a little later: the sun casts the shadow, scenting between wild garlic
End of May: the perfume of the lilies of the valley smells a lot better
And right nearby flourishes her little niece May lily
Early June: a dead tree is coming alive by wind and sunlight


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