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when at eventide
the twilight calls
through a crack in the sky
you’ll see the day die
and the night fall
This month an additional blog because last month in Egmond was the sunset so special. At first it didn’t seem that way. When we arrived at the beach around half past for, only a small window in the clouds coloured a little orange what reflected on the wet beach. Because there were some sanderlings running around in front of me, they got all my attention.
After a little while I looked up and saw a strange phenomenon I had never seen before. Like a huge spotlight the sun illuminated the sky. First with one, then with two strong beams, like the headlights of an approaching supertanker. This spectacle lasted only a couple of minutes, then the discoloration of the air took on a more conventional turn. After another five minutes the light slowly died.
I was o so happy I stayed outside. It does not always pay off, but this time it did! My tip: when you want to photograph the sunset, don’t stop making pictures until the last light goes out. You never know what’s going to happen.


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