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Côte d’Opale
Côte d’Opale

End of February my son Tim and I went for a short trip to the French coast. We stayed at “le Pharanou”, a nice chambre d’hôtes (bed and breakfast) in the small village of Ambleteuse. In wintertime a very chill place to be but in summertime far to crowdy for us.

The coastline between Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer is photographically, biologically and geologically very interesting. Nice beaches – some sandy, some with pebbles – nice cliffs – like Cap Gris Nez and Cap Blanc Nez (the place to be for searching for fossils) and there are some nicely shaped rock formations.

The weather conditions varied enormous. When we arrived, there was a persistent fog which lasted for over a day and was only blown away by a vivid storm. So, the first couple of days were very grey, as you can see in the pictures. Finally the sun came out, so we ended with some colours, although in backlight the images almost turned black and white.

Most of the time we spend at the beaches near Ambleteuse because of the photographic possibilities. We also spend some time at Cap Blanc Nez because of the fast, sandy beach (at low tide), because of the fossils and because of the joyful sound of the Kittiwakes who nest on the cliff.

I will give you an impression of our trip by showing some pictures and a small poem. I hope you will enjoy it.

struggle for life


cracks and stones


raging storm
thundering waves
the grinding sound
of rolling stones

pebbles on the beach

emerging rocks




whipped cream


surfing rocks


desert at sea


blasting sand






thundering waves


rolling stones



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