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an introduction

Ronald Hofmeester is born (1958) en raised in the city of Amsterdam. From his early childhood on he came in contact with nature en photography. He was especially interested in birds. His parents had all kinds of nature-guides a.o. about the beach, insects and fungi and he enjoyed himself by nosing around in them.
Ronald’s interest in nature and landscape became a real passion when he studied to become a teacher. First as a teacher on a elementary school and later to teach biology and geography at a secondary school (1977-1986).
A large number of years (1986 – 2010) Ronald combined his passion for nature with his other passion: teaching. He always felt the need to share his knowledge and enthusiasm both in his spare time (teaching courses) and in his work (as a teacher at an elementary school, as a consultant environmental education and finally teaching science education at a centre for elementary education).
In recent years there have been some important changes. Forced by his health his focus changed from education to nature photography and writing poems. Sharing shifted from the classroom to internet and social media.

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